Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Welcome aboard, fellow travellers...

Well... here goes. It is time for me to open a blog. Readers, hark and hear my call, come forth!

Some of you may have come from my old and retired blog, dna online. Special welcome to you, old faithfuls!

This new blog is called "Looking Through Blue" because I have blue eyes, which is a highly notable feature in Indonesia, where I (usually) live; and because much of my posting fodder will come from being just that - a blue-eyed Australian living in a brown-eyed world, then going back to blue, then brown, and how that shapes me, and shapes my worldview.

Other topics I'm likely to mull on are culture, spirituality, and family. Join me for the ride!

And because I feel readers love a good photo, here's a painting I painted many moons ago, which still captures my sense of wonder and privilege at the life I lead, thanks to Jesus.

Love, Anna

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